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February 14, 2008 11:21am CST
Kentucky Fried Chicken. i'm in my office doing my work and my Supervisor calls me to tell me that she is at KFC and she is picking me up something to eat. She brought back a 2 piece chicken meal with mash potatoes and their wonderful cole slaw. It was delicious. You know, if i were a man, i would have fallen in love with my supervisor because she is always feeding me. I have had some bosses in my time that i could've done without, but the one i have now clearly is a winner and on top of that she is funny too. Who out there has a wonderful supervisor or tell me about your boss from Hell!
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• United States
19 Feb 08
A long time ago I had a job as a house keeper at one of the local motels here in my town. My boss was a female, and acted as though she couldn't stand me, from the word go. Always breathing down my neck, checking on me all the time(Pain in the butt). One day, a couple of the motel keys came up missing, so she wanted to strip search all of the employee's, including me. (which by the way I'm sure is illegal). I said, NO CAN DO! So, I was forced to quit. Boss from HELL! :oP :o)