Philippine Politics: Should GMA resign?

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February 14, 2008 1:42pm CST
I've read the news that a rally will be held this Friday to call for GMA's resignation. I was just wondering about this. Should she be forced to resign or should the people wait till the next elections? One of the problems with forcing her to resign is that it sets a bad precedent. So when another president loses favor, people will simply overthrow or force that person to resign. Let's face it. No person is "free from sin." So is it right to eliminate them this way every time you discover something wrong with him or her? Wouldn't it be better to use the electoral process to replace that person, by electing a different president? If our people keep on doing this, it will create political instability. And if there's political instability, the government will not be able to handle important issues such as the economy, poverty, unemployment, etc. The political, legal & judicial system in our country may not be perfect, but it's better than not having any at all. The USA encountered political problems too in the beginning at various levels of government. But over time, things worked out by not disregarding the rule of law. In my opinion, give it time. Eventually, younger generations of leaders will hopefully take over positions of authority, who could change things for the better if they learn at an early age to respect the law. But if people act emotionally and disregard the law to seek immediate changes, this will set a bad example for the younger generation, who will think that the end justifies the means. So it has to start with each individual taking a stand to do the right thing no matter what the consequences. Whether it's refusing to bribe a police officer and agree to pay the traffic fine instead, or refusing to take a bribe in exchange for voting for a particular candidate. If each individual Filipino were to do this, what changes do you think would happen?
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@danzer (2731)
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14 Feb 08
There is no perfect person, including the President. What's wrong with us is that we tend to be perfectionist. Instead of worrying and complaining, we might as well pray for our president and do our best in our own way to be of help to our country. The same in our home. There is no perfect father or mother. Instead of rebelling against the authority in our life, let's help them to be good and pray for them earnestly that God will lead them!
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