The Europeia Commission fined 74,7 million euros the Japanese companies

February 14, 2008 7:37pm CST
The Europeia Commission (CE) fined the Japanese companies Sony, Fuji and Maxell in 74,7 million euros for having agreed professional ribbon prices of video between 1999 and 2002, announced today in official notice. The Executive of Uniao Europeia (UE) informed that "through periodic meetings and of other illicit contacts", the company "had increased the prices" of professional ribbons of video - Betacam SP and digital Betacam - that the European customers were vendidas, "or controlled.". The inquiry was "especially productive due to amount of tests of arranged activities", adds the official notice, that it indicates that Sony, Fuji and Maxell "had successfully organized three series of increase of the prices and if they had strengthenn in stabilizing them when was not possible to increase them". The CE still affirmed that it enters the elements that certify the formation of the cartel knew of the accomplishment of "11 meetings" in which the three companies would have changed "commercially delicate information".
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