i have never seen 2 kittens drink THIS much

my kittens! - we named the yellow tiger brut, because hes BIG and we named the gray tiger tiny, cause shes SO small. they are brother and sister.. the little girl is 3lbs and the boy is 4lbs lol they are about 11 months old in the pic!
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February 15, 2008 8:04am CST
OR eat!!!!! we got 2 kittens just after christmas. so now they are about 3 months old.. very active brother and sister. so we bought a cat bowl with 2 dishes, we used to put food in one, and water in the other.. but they would kick the food into the water.. so we just started putting their food in these 2 little metal bowls we bought for their soft food. well the other night before i went to be at 11pm i filled both sides of the tray. my boyfriend got up with my daughter at 6, BOTH sides were empty. so he filled them. i got up a little past 9.. and AGAIN both sides were empty.. now last night i filled both of them up, and i just noticed it was empty... and they had knocked over the vase of flowers, and were drinking the water! i don't think i have EVER seen a bowl of water COMPLETELY empty. usually you fill it and the next day you dump the rest out and fill with fresh water.. now this goes the same with their food.. we fill the 2 dishes at least 2 times daily. its getting annoying!! lol i think we need to get one of those self feeders fill it with a bag and let them go at it.
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@suspenseful (40314)
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16 Feb 08
I heard that kittens eat a lot. You have to find out what kittens their age eat and drink and make sure you give them food and water at those specific times. So I guess you might need to get one of those self=feeders. It looks as if it will be a handful. Just wait a few months, and then they will be eating just once or twice a day.