you say you love me but not all of me

United States
February 15, 2008 1:57pm CST
he said he love me for me he lied he love my money not me when the money stoped comeing in there is hate i hate fat! you met me that way I hate your cooking!so eat out loose weight or i will leave you at first i was so sad like you met me i was fat i lost 20 pounds and still working on loosing more for hem them now its for me im so confused and dont know should i stay or should i go. so no longer lovers he cant stand the fat so just friends so he say i dont want a friend well loose weight by may we can stay together thats so funny i was 365 now im 260 whem we met i was 300 my goal is 200 or less once the weight is gone why go back or keep it moving is so crazy now i stoped crying i just stay quite dont say much just listen to every fat fat fat fat wow a very good man that dont like fat so why me why hem god sent me to help hem thats how i feel he must have a problem or maybe he is crazy
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@p_vadla (1685)
• India
16 Feb 08
Yes; that is the order of the day.In the good olden days relationships were committed and there was a definite direction they used to take. With the globalisation and the subsequent changes brought to life styles people are finding no time to accept others as they are.With the kind of opportunities in relationships that are evident through various media people are not able to stick to one person. They are interested in different aspects of human qualities from different persons instead of one single entity as was used to be there in the olden days.
• Indonesia
16 Feb 08
If he do that you better stop your relationship with him, cause if you keep it maybe you will be more hurt. Guy like him is not deserve to got you, there a lot of guy that maybe can love you more.
@the_ruler (1446)
• Turkey
15 Feb 08
I am so sorry to hear that really. There are that kind of people all around the world and it makes me really disappointed. I can easily say this is not love and you don't need him at all. It looks your determination can lead to everything: you say you lost lots of weight as you decided! That's a great thing really, it is not achievable by everyone. So, just keep yourself away from that kind of blood suckers or they will only make you lose your money, your health,your love... You deserve better people...
• Canada
15 Feb 08
I think you should leave him. If he loves you he should love all of you, even if you have a few extra pounds on. Weight does not really matter, especially if you are trying to lose (and good for you!) losing the weight will decrese your risks of many many illnesses and you should be losing for yourself and for health reasons. never ever for another person. I do not think god sent you to help him. If god was going to help him he would have sent him an oppertunity to get a job and to support himself without having to leech money from a woman that clearly cares way to much for him. Honey, you are so much ebtter off without him telling you negative things. You need to see that you are a beautiful person for wanting to help him and a beautiful person no matter what he says. don't listen to his insults. Get out of this horrible relationship before it hurts you more than it already is.
@SukiSmiles (1993)
• United States
15 Feb 08
I say go. Someone should love you, the way you are. I could understand if he was worried about your health, but from what I understand he just wants your money. He thinks that he can lead you on making you think that you need him. I wouldn't even keep him as a friend. A friend wouldn't mind if you were over weight either. Think about it, would you put the same restrictions on your friends or lovers? I say, it might be hard, but there are plenty of other good men out there, even though it might take awhile to find them. You need to be around people that will lift you up and praise you when you've done well. You've lost over 100 pounds - that amazing! I can't even lose 20. You go!