different roles we play

United States
February 15, 2008 5:34pm CST
in life we wear many different masks and play various roles thru out our lifetime. Some are chosen others are heaped upon us and thats when i believe god puts us there a certain reason even if we dont see it right away. i never thought i would become a correctional officer ever and back then when i went to school that wasnt a chosen profession for a young girl. it was a teacher,nurse,waitress but never a role such as a correctional officer. i found working corrections as i got older in life was a challenging and sometimes ungrateful job. There were days when it was very challenging and i felt i was in the right profession and others when i had to stop and look in the mirror and say "why me?" or " are you crazy!"there are days when i wanted to walk away and never look back also.but as time went on i learned it what i wanted to do for a living and corrections was in my blood as they say! i also learned real quick even though it is 2008 and we have come along way its still a tough profession for a woman to go into and you're always proving to yourself and everyone around you you can do the job!!! to walk in a co's footsteps every day is not easy and the stress that comes with the job can be daunting and overwhelming at times. learning how to leave at work is hard and alot of discipline goes into this way of thinking. balance is so important also.making time for family loved ones/ kids/ pets /your home isnt easy to do and something you have to work at every day. as woman we play all different roles and trying to fit in the role of an officer can be very difficult at times and hair raising! my hat goes off to all women in corrections and may the good lord bless you and loved ones.this comes from experience.
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