Ender's Series

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February 16, 2008 3:35am CST
I started on the Ender Series by Orson Scott Card, so far I finished Ender's Game, First Meetings (a collection of stories by Orson Scott Card), and I'm starting on Ender's Shadow. Here are just a few things I like about the Ender's Series. It's realistic -- sorta, I mean it shows the mental stress of some people and how far their willing to go to achieve their goals. (Spoiler) I mean like Bonzo, he doesn't like Ender and he ends up with his nose pushed back into his brains, all because he hated him. Also I like the maturity of it, and I mean maturity, they curse not only in English but in some Spanish (Ender's Shadow). Sure some books throw a few curse words at you, but thats when things are like serious. In the Ender's Series they'll give you tons of curse words, even though I haven't red all of them, I just know. Another thing, the Government guys, I mean it's like a movie, it's how they react to diffrent things, (Spoiler) when the Russian guys board the ship, and start blowing stuff up. Also with Peter and how he wormed his way to Hegemon. So thats all for me, what do you like about the Ender's Series?
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@cripfemme (7713)
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29 Dec 09
I love the Ender series. i just started reading them about a month ago. Too bad the guy who wrote them ism such a homophobic jerk. He actually funds those places where they claim to make you straight. In my experience, that never works. If it did my parents would have tried it. But even if this man is a jerk, you can't ignore the fact that he's totally brilliant. As a writing teacher I respect once said "It's like his sentences were just waiting to be plucked down from style heaven." I like reading sci-fi and I like writing sci-fi, so to ignore Mr. Card just because are, in my opinion, way off, would be a mistake. You can learn even from people you don't like.
@Tantrums (949)
• Philippines
3 Oct 09
Well this is simply an author and series of books I know very little about so I cant really offer an even semi qualified opinion, but I hope by answering this post that I will bump it up the list and that someone will come along who will be able to discuss it with you. I do love sci-fi, so I think I might seek the books out.
@astw56 (12)
• United States
10 Jul 08
I personally enjoy the... realness, of the people, yes people, in the stories. They're not just characters in the stories, they're real people. OSC has the incredible ability to flesh them out until you can see yourself in them, you know how they think, how they feel, you actually understand them. This was something that I hated when I first attempted to read Harry Potter. I tried the first book and gave up, simply because the characters were so 2-dimensional that it was painful.