airport conversation starters

February 16, 2008 4:18am CST
i did this for another site, but i can still repost it here. enjoy! haha 1. "Hey, look at that!" I used this one when at one time I was at a pre-departure area of an airport that has a glass wall looking at the sea. We were facing the horizon when suddenly a pillar of cloud seemed to inch its way forward--towards us. Most of us screamed at the sight, but fortunately the whirlwind was dispersed when it hit land. But it started conversations among all passengers. This may not happen always, but what I am saying is, find a bizaare occurence and start talking about. 2. "Hi, what a nice baby (or kid) you have." Flattery will get you somewhere. Soon you will find something common to talk about. Who knows, you may find a new friend and you may have a contact in another city when you come to visit there. 3. "May I borrow your paper?" Although for some people, the reading thing will further bring them down to their lonesomeness, you can bring up a topic from what you have read. Ask for comments from what you have read. 4. "Excuse me, can I you please look after my things for a while?" We ask this when we need to go to the restroom or buy some snacks. When we return, we politely say "thank you" and flash a big smile. Then you can share about your trip to the restroom or the food that you bought. 5. "Would you like to have some?" Share your food. Some people just eat their food while the others around them try to look away. Ask the person beside you if he/she wants to have some. Most probably, your invitation will be politely turned down but at least you have interacted with him/her. 6. "May I know the time?" If you don't have a watch, you can ask for the time from your neighbor then follow this up by some comments related to time. 7. When someone needs help, make yourself available. This is especially true for those who need help with their hand carried luggage, a rowdy toddler, or an elderly making her way to the restroom. 8. When the PA system airs a notice for delay, vent your comment to your neighbor. But don't get violent. Chances are, he/she will open up about a similar frustration. 9. Notice a gadget or clothing that the other person has. 10. Notice the scent that the other person is sporting. I think that to have genuine interaction at the airport with strangers, we should not think merely about romantic inclinations. We should just focus on making friends and having someone to talk to until your flight.
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