Does Anybody Know A Lottery Winner?

February 16, 2008 6:18am CST
I just wondered if anybody out there no matter what country you are from as lotteries seem to be everywhere now knew somebody close to you like a member of the family or a very close friend that had won on a lottery real big? I mean a life changing amount of money? Maybe even millions. When they won big did you see any changes in their personality or their attitude towards you and everybody else that they knew? Did they forget about their old friends? Did they become pompous, move away never to be heard from again? lol Or maybe they became more generous and spread it around a little? I would love to know if anybody knows a big lottery winner :) Many Thanks Daz
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@balasri (26545)
• India
16 Feb 08
Yes a cab driver from my home town has got a huge cash prize in the lottery.He deposited all the money in the bank and enjoying the interest while driving his taxi still.