5 Things to do during RestDay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Give me ur ideas too

February 16, 2008 6:12pm CST
Restday is a great day to be rela, stress free from work, rejuvenate our system and refresh our mind. What are your Top 5 things to do during your restday. for me: 1. SLEEEPPPPPPPPP- really need to sleep hehehehe 2. Cook for at home 3. Malling, shopping 4. Party, drink and to be drunked/ 5. Spa- facial, body massage!!!!!!!
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@asliah (11140)
• Philippines
26 Dec 12
hi, my rest day is only ones a week,so every rest day i have i usually wash my clothes that i have used for that week and clean my room,sometimes i used my rest day to rest and lay down for the whole day,i also cook food that i want to eat and watch movies.
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
27 Feb 08
I usually spend my day off bonding with my family and children. All those things you have enumerated above, we do them together. I also make sure that the time we spend together is quality time and not just spent for the sake of obligation or necessity.
• Philippines
17 Feb 08
when i was still working for a corporation all i could think of during my rest day is SLEEP. lots of them. i was so exhausted for the whole week that during days off -- i just sleep alot. i barely had time for my family. but now that i'm running my own business -- during rest days i .... (1) sleep (2) play guitar with my wife (3) go to malls (4) go clubbing (5) and dine with my family