social Networking sites? Should they share?

February 16, 2008 7:15pm CST
There's a new breed of social networking sites, its the revenue sharing sites for example yuwie being among the most popular. Others include myviewin, yagatta, and Narple. Social networking site are big money! Big money! Sites like bebo and Facebook are being offered 1 billion to is estimated that Ad Revenue is wroth worth Millions every month! Should all social networking sites share their Revenue? The market for social networking sites is so saturated these days that revenue sharing is one of the best ways to attract users..Is this how the future will be for other sites..Will we be paid to use other sites? Competition on the internet and social networking is crazy..In the future will it be expected that a revenue sharing program will be used? What do you guys think? Obviously you have an opinion on this because you are on a site that pays! Are you a member of a paying social networking site?
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