how do we plan to spend time for good things? how utilisie time

@Dasari100 (3793)
Anantapur, India
February 16, 2008 9:12pm CST
Hai friends this is rajesh how do we spend TIME for valuble things we are spending most of the time uncessary things. How people are utilising there time and doing good things. What do you about this one. are you perfectliy maintaing the timings for good things or at least are we spending time like educaiton , important things or uncessary things. share with u are own experiences and how do you spend time in a day. do you have any experiecne and and any suggestions? lot of people are failing to implement in their life. in early days i have failed to implement but later i have been implementing new plans. ok give me reply we will discuss about this one. thank you.
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