Do you think Dreams have some messages?

February 17, 2008 3:32am CST
I saw a dream which shattered me from inside. Was it my mind which showed me or it was something else? Does any one of you know, what it is? When iwas in school i saw a dream that i left my mathematics paper BLANK. Next day i did exceptionally well in the paper and scored good marks. If you ever had such kind of an experience, Do share it with us. LIVE AND ENJOY LIFE
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@izathewzia (5139)
• Philippines
21 Feb 08
My professor way back in college said to us once that our dreams are our subconscious mind talking to us. She is our Psychology professor. All the emotions, feelings and thoughts in our subconscious mind went out while we are sleeping.
@littleowl (7157)
19 Feb 08
dreams are symbols of what our mind is trying to tell us our body needs sleep to rejuvinate itself for the following day but our brains are active all the time-during the day we can try to answer questions or answers to something and work problems out-at night however our brain may be going over one of those things to help sort it out but instead of 'thinking 'like we do in the day the only way the brain can show us is through dreams-each picture even colours you may see in your dream mean something eg your driving down the road on your own in a black car it stalls and whatever you do it just wont work-meaning 1 you be trying to run away from something which is troubling you in your life but you cant theres something stopping you the black colour of the car could mean you are upset,unhappy or perhaps have doubts about something and whatever you try and do you cannot get away from it thus the car has stalled and wont work-your dream symbolises things inyour own life its learning to work them out hope this will of been some help to you-littleowl
@msanin (131)
• Canada
19 Feb 08
I think there are some dreams that have messages and/or meanings but not everytime.. sometimes your dreams are the cause of what you have thinking all day or something like the subconscious that is working for you..