Which is the best email Account?

February 17, 2008 7:29am CST
Can anyone tell me which are the best Email account services? Like, I heard that Yahoo & Gmail are the best, because there are many offers in the free account as they gave pop services, have good storing space, could chat with friends, and many more. The only thing in need is Which Email service is good?
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8 Mar 08
I think that the best e-mail account is Hotmail; it's quick, clear, easy to use and it gives you a lot of space, if I remember 5 GB.
• India
1 Mar 08
gmail And Yahoo
• Philippines
29 Feb 08
i have email accounts on both providers, but i like gmail more since emails there doesn't bounce.
@Melitta (32)
18 Feb 08
I have hotmail and gmail. One account is set up for bills and the other for friends and family. I use Windows Live Mail to check the accounts and that way I can check both accounts at the same time and all my messages are all on one page. However, if I have a problem with Windows Live Mail, I can log onto hotmail.com or gmail.com and get the messages that way also. Kind of a double insurance that I won't lose an important message.
@msanin (131)
• Canada
18 Feb 08
i'll give a 10 to Gmail, im being using for a while now and it has responded me really well to the point that i could say is the best one.. really good storage..
@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
17 Feb 08
The first email I had was in yahoo and until now, I am using it. It has many features like uploading photos (though it has merged now with flickr), briefcase, and chatting. I havent tried gmail that much though I have one account with gmail. Maybe I would be bias with yahoo because I have learned and been using almost all its products and features.
• Indonesia
17 Feb 08
I favored yahoo back then, but later so many spams got into my inbox and escaped the filters. gmail handles spams better than yahoo. moreover, I feel easier to organize my email in gmail account. there are also a lot of features in gmail like labelling and searching for email archives. I feel that gmail is the best so far.
@btamanna (220)
• India
17 Feb 08
the very first i used yahoo but the thing in yahoo nowdays is that it is getting a lot os scam messages..... so changed it to gmail it is good......easy to handle...fast... reliable..