British Airways flight from Heathrow Airport

@strogy (131)
February 17, 2008 1:53pm CST
Well, hello everybody here, finaly back in action. This time i have something to say about British Airways. Just back from Thailand, and yes, you guess right, i've used BA. They are improving their services as much as they can afford, but clearly, it'll be long way for them. Booking and check-in services online are perfect - including email notification and opp. to choose your seat. This far great. Then, you get to the Heathrow - Terminal 4, fellings started to loosing the shine of online business. Developing country style! Construction site, dull and unpleasant staff, immigration control checking out your shoes, underwear and if they could, read your minds too. The fastest way to get through is to came naked, with all your bellongings in clear plastic bag. Then you finaly in departure section where lions are waiting for they prey in Duty free shops. All you have to do, is to pretend that you've got it all and run to get seat in hall. Time is passing by and you don't know which gate is yours. Then suddenly number pop on display and you must run again, this time miles and miles to the gate. And when you happily on board, boredom smack you in to the face. Old shaky plane, seats falling apart and cabin crew fed up to see you there. Close your eyes and dare you opened them before landing! But after all, they took me there and back in one piece, so it could be worst. Have you ever used BA? What's your experience?
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@maximax8 (31169)
• United Kingdom
18 Feb 08
I hope that you had a lovely time in Thailand. British Airways is a good airline to go with. I have traveled on with British Airways from London Heathrow to Hong Kong. I got a seat in by the emergency exit with lots of leg room. The flight was overnight and it lasted fourteen hours. Having such a comfortable flight I arrived feeling refreshed. After an enjoyable time in exciting Hong Kong in high summer temperatures I flew on with Qantas to Perth in Australia. I think immigration checks passports and is fine to go through. However security is really unpleasant these days. They inspect so much more these days than they used to. They check out so very much and in some cases they look at your shoes. I hate having all my liquids in a transparent plastic bag. Each has to be less than 100 ml. When I travel with my baby I need to take baby milk for him to drink. I am not going to taste it. This is such a silly thing to ask a passenger to do. By the time all the checks have been passed I might almost miss my flight. Flying or rather the airport experience is not as much fun as it used to be.
@p1kef1sh (45696)
17 Feb 08
Hello, Glad you are back in one piece. I presume that you have flown into Heathrow. In my view one of the worst hell pits on Earth. Nothing is close by and it's always crowded. Personally I prefer Gatwick for long haul. However, I am very fond of BA. They have cone along way from when we used to call them Bloody Awful Airways and I cannot remember when I last had a bad trip with them. Even in Economy. I really like the fact that you can check in on-line with them, it certainly takes much of the hassle out of travel. Hope that Thailand was great.