A hungry Son

February 18, 2008 2:36am CST
I'm a proud mother of 4 children. I do all my best to be a good mother for them so I hate to see other children ignore by their parents. Loving my children is so much fun and even experience hardship but it's a part of parenting, it takes a lot of effort, love and understanding to raise them to be proud of them someday. I know someone she is a single mom so she need to work for her child. She left her child to her sister, sometimes to her sister in-law knowing that they will take care of them when she is not around. I don't know but I will alway saw this child outside their house looking for someone to play with. I was hoping and praying that this mother will throw all her attention to her child. When the weekend come she is always not around for her child, left the child again with her relatives. She is busy enjoying herself, getting fun with someone else ohhhh.... what a parent/mother. She is always taking overnight with someone else leaving her child to sleep with someone else. Why is she like this? Is she really love her child I ask myself sometimes She not even bother to think if her child was eating right, taking his bath everyday. I saw the child talking to himself like he is talking to someone else I was so bother even afraid for him. Also I heard him saying bad words to his fellow children even to older that him. I saw her brother, sister hiting this child leaving mark to his face sometimes to some part of his body. Maybe she doesn't know about it. Is she not ask her son how that happen. He is so hungry to a mothers attention, love and affection when is his mother going to wake up that she has a child to take care even only in weekend. I'm just a concern neighbor who saw what going on to this child. Sometimes I talk to this mother to get nanny to take care of his child when she is working. Even if she left her to her relative they do not take care of the child in focus coz they have their own children also to look for. Better if she get her own nanny coz we learn that her son is not eating right food also. I admire this child he is so inteligent, wise he learn very fast he know more than his age.... he sing, tell story he watched and many more.... He need attention, guidance to grow more a be a better person someday. Hope that his mother will see what the best for her child
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@Hatley (164237)
• Garden Grove, California
24 Feb 08
I only had two children and we were not rich. but my sons little friend came to our house morning after morning while we were eating and he seemed so hungry so I always fed him along with my kids. seems his mother worked nights and left the kids with her sister who sometimes just fed the little guy cookies and orange juice for breakfast. the little guy told me he had never tasted milk. I was dumbfounded but glad I could give him something nutritous for breakfast at least. His mother was always off with some guy or other never seemed to have time for her kids and her sister had her hands full with four or five kids of her own. finally the authorities stepped in and found a foster home for the two little boys. I had never said anything to anyone about the situation but someone else evidently did and I was torn between being glad and sad too. Eventually the grandparents found the kids and got custody and I was really happy as they were really kind and loving people who loved the two little guys and gave them a good home/
• Philippines
25 Feb 08
Hi! it's nice of you. You had a wonderful heart. You said it, hope that it will also happen to that little boy. It will someday...... someone will going to take good care of him a family with a wonderful, loving heart that the boy really deserve. I'm very happy that there still people with that kind of heart. Thanks for responding......... happy to be your friend.
@tala91285 (1080)
• Philippines
18 Feb 08
There's a lot of parents who are like that and sometimes it's hard to talk to them because for one thing, we're all just neighbors and have no right to interfere with their lives. The only thing you can probably do is to keep an eye on that kid, and if they continue hurting him, tell the social service or something..