Taking bed coffee/tea is good for health ?

@shyam221 (519)
February 18, 2008 4:25am CST
It is good for health but it's addiction is bad. So, we should avoid it sometimes. It start ur day early.......if u want to start early u may take...if not...u can avoid.. but Tea is always better than Coffee.. so far health is concerned. tea wakes u up. tea has anti-oxidents which betters ur immune system. tea strengthens yu bones and teeth. tea is an excellent health drink. According to some doctors, bad. ea if it is green tea is great as it makes your blody toxin free by flushing toxins out.Good gor your skin too .you can visit this link to see the related info http://skinfacts.blogspot.com/ Anything excess of 2 cups of coffee and 4 cups of tea is not good. The sugar content should be restricted. The milk may be fatty. Tea/Coffee taken in excess kills your appetite,So control to and take food and sleep well Taking tea/coffee is certainly bad for health may be it is morning tea or bed tea because it kills the sleep of the person. Normally it is difficult to get sleep for most of the people that's why people prefer sleeping pills So, tea or coffee kills the slip, and acidity could even go high if a person has a acidity problem.
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@alienstar (5143)
• India
31 May 08
Taking bed tea or bed coffee without even brushing your teath is very bad for health for sure and it has been told by any doctors and it's there in helath magazines also and theer are many peopel around teh world practicing this as they think it is very ralaxinga dn also refreshing and taking it after brushing makes more sense isnt it? it will be more refreshing than this...what do you say?
@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
23 Feb 08
I think tea is better since coffee make you still awake. But if you're going to sleep, better you take milk. Tea has cafein even its lower than in coffee. So, if you drink tea you can still awake.