boxers are clowns

United States
February 18, 2008 6:40pm CST
Boxers have a personality. They like to do some of the dumbest things just to make you laugh...what are some things your boxer does to make you laugh?
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• United States
15 Dec 09
As I sit here browsing mylot for topics that grab my attention, I am listening to my boxer's rumbly-tummy. Every now and then he will pass a little gas and then look back at his hiney like, "What was that?!?" and then he will sniff that general area, snort, and then get up and walk off. LOL, he has the funniest personality you have ever seen!
@stephyjh (38)
• United States
16 Mar 09
One of mine was so silly that when we threw the ball for her to fetch, if the ball bounced off the fence, she'd run right into the fence, then turn around to get the ball. It was chain link, so it gave against her and didn't hurt her...but it was funny to watch!
@sohel1 (6)
• Bangladesh
4 Jun 08
I dont know that how make his personality. I know it make new laugh.
@pokesam94 (131)
• Australia
3 Jun 08
i dont have a boxer personaly but there is one on the way home and when i walk past his house he barks like a big sook, its so funny
@kdhartford (1152)
• United States
3 Mar 08
My boxer will run around the trampoline when I'm on it and keep looking over the edge...she then gets ready to jump up and then decides better of it.