Help: Dell Driver Repair Issue.

United States
February 19, 2008 1:10am CST
The Situation: I have a Dell 2400 desktop that won't interact with any printers. I had a remote session to fix something else with Dell over a year ago and since that day it won't work with any printers (afterwards they wanted $99/mth and refused to even talk about it unless I paid... which I didn't). It always tells me there is a missing driver or that the driver couldn't be installed. I bought a new printer as the old one was a lexmark and I read their drivers are badly written. The new one is a Canon and while I install and reinstall the drivers the pc keeps acting as if I haven't so the printer and pc don't "talk". I contacted a pc repair guy but he'll charge $105 and dosen't gurantee that it will work and we just don't have that kind of cash. Question 1: So... what can I do? I have the disk with the drivers but I think the problem in within the pc not the drivers. Is there something I can remove or install to fix it myself? Question 2: If I use my XP Windows CD that came with the Dell and reinstall windows, will that replace whatever is missing and fix the problem? Thanks in advance!!
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• India
26 Feb 08
Hey sir How are you -- so as u r not able to install anyprinter driver on ur desktop computer i would suggest you to call 1800-624 9896 if u r in US and they will help yopu out in case the desktop is under warranty else they will charge 39 dollars and before reinstalling can you tell me when did you purchased ur computer