Castro's Brother taking Over as President.

United States
February 19, 2008 7:13am CST
Castro's brother is taking over. He has been standing in for Castro since 2006. Do you think anything will change? I think for the most part the dictatorship will continue through his brother. Will Americans get to trade now? What do you think? Will Americans get to go there as tourists?
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@mrtimharry (1180)
19 Feb 08
Can't see anything changing in the short-term, it is going to be the same form of government as before. I have never really figured out whether the majority of Cubans are happy or not. We hear about the number of people making their way to Miami, but do the people who stay not want to leave or not want to risk leaving.
@tigertang (1749)
• Singapore
4 May 08
I think the only thing that will actually change is the first name of the man in charge. Raul is not that much younger than Fidel and he's grown up in the shadow of his older brother. As such, anyone who thinks Raul will make a massive difference on the scale of Mao vs Deng in China will be sorely dissapointed. And you have to trust the US administration of George W and the winner of the 2008 election to be unable to stand up to the Miami Cuban Community and keep the embargo which makes no moral, strategic and legal sense. Furthermore Raul has said that he will continue to consult with his older brother on matters that are important. So, although Fidel may no longer hold a formal office, he's still going to be calling the shots, even if they are behind the scenes. However, Raul may yet surprise. He may realise that something needs to be done to keep the Spirit of the Revolution alive and in the tummy of the people who are suffering with a lack of decent goods. Some free-market reforms may take place but I think you have to expect this to be Russia under Gorbachev rather than China under Deng.