February 19, 2008 9:54am CST
i have come to realise that laptops are sophisticated type of computers. very portable and has twice or trice the features of an ordinary P.C. what do you think? do u have a different view? Well my only regret is that i dont have one. i dont have the money to buy one. Can i recieve one from anybody that cares as a friendly gift?
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• United States
1 Mar 08
Interesting assumption! I guess you could say they are sophisticated that being they use smaller parts made just for laptops. Although some companies are now using processors made for regular computing use in Laptops, mostly for gaming! As for features, Internally no, externally if you mean Wi-fi Switches and slots and such then yes! but all could be bought for a desktop computer! In reality the Desktop computer is...well Years ahead in technology, when the top perfoming Laptop can run the same performance as the top performing Desktop Then they will be superior in my mind lol!
@usyda1 (125)
19 Feb 08
i agree is is portable and take take it with me on holidays as an desktop you cant. i also like you dont need a computer stand to put your computer in. laptop can be put on your laps.
@Graagh (95)
• United States
19 Feb 08
I'm not sure what you mean by twice or thrice the features of an ordinary P.C. A laptop is more portable than a desktop, true. But it is also more expensive than a desktop, and of a laptop and desktop with equivalent specs, the laptop will probably be more expensive. A laptop is easier to steal too. And if you want a decent sized screen, you're much better off with a desktop. The laptop has its uses, but it definitely isn't for everyone.
@shoumik12 (176)
• Bangladesh
19 Feb 08
I have been using a laptop for almost my life. I only used P.C on cyber cafe's and other places. But I never bought a P.C. And also I don't think anyone would be that kind to give you a laptop for free as a gift.