Shooting Stars.... why this name?

@Astarte (812)
February 19, 2008 12:07pm CST
Why falling stars are calling 'falling' or 'shooting star' and not 'moving star' or other? Because indeed they don't fall.. uhm.. What do you think about?
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19 Feb 08
They are falling though. Falling stars are meteors; meteors are lumps of ice and/or rock that hit our atmosphere, burn up and glow as they fall. Shooting stars; well, they are shooting through the atmosphere at great speeds.
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@gemini_rose (16268)
19 Feb 08
I only know them as a shooting star, so i guess they get their name from the way the shoot across the sky? I think, but maybe there is another reason they are called that.
@gantwick (849)
• United States
21 Feb 08
I agree with those who say it's because they appear to be shooting across the atmosphere. Most of the time they are hitting the Earth's atmosphere at an angle. I know the friction of the atmosphere causes them to heat up and glow, but I'll bet it also deflects the meteor a bit so that makes it shoot across the sky as it heads toward the ground.