"T.V. The Movie: A Futile Watching Experience" - Did This Movie Waste Your Time?

United States
February 19, 2008 7:03pm CST
Pros: The premise showed promise but the execution was horrid. Cons: Made fun of Jesus In'A homosexual way.. it was not tasteful & completely lacking intelligence. My Point of View: It is a massively pointless action to watch "National Lampoon's T.V. The Movie". It is crude, rude, and sadly not funny. The movies objective is to be a parody of the many shows on T.V. The problem is the segments hold nothing interesting in them. They are just full of nudity and foul language but only serving as "Shock" value. This movie lacks creativity, any proper direction, and is supremely stupid. Do not waste your time with this lame excuse for a movie.. because its stupid comedy is not funny at all. Some movies are so bad, that they are good. Yet, this one is just pointless to the max. A bunch of B-rated comedy segments. Worst part about viewing this movie, is the participation of admirable actors like: Judd Nelson(Breakfast Club), Clifton Collins Jr. (Capote), and Jason Mewes (Dogma). This is artistic poverty that they should not be part of. Steve-O was all over it too.. but this I expect from him. Did you waste time while watching this?
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