who do you predict to be the WWE chamion at wrestlemania XXIV

February 20, 2008 6:11am CST
My choice is john cena as he is in perfect form now with the same spirit that he had before his injury.How about u?
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21 Feb 08
yeah!!!!!!!! i also predict john cena ........ he is more famous after he is come back from injury..
@Marcola (2774)
• United States
20 Feb 08
Triple H most likely. It wouldn't be wise to put the title back on Cena. Randy Orton won't retain. Only heel that's retained at Wrestlemania is Triple H, in 2000 and 2003.
@redfang (969)
20 Feb 08
i think the title should be passed onto HHH now, cena had a damn good run with it, no one really likes orton but HHH has got a huge fanbase now as he hasn't been fetched back as a heel so he's not cheating or screwing anyone over this time around which i think is great for him, i can however see a fued between him and cena if he does get it back which might be good to see as the two of them are damn good wrestlers and i think they would make a really good match between them. if though on the off chance that orton should retain the title i think there would be significant dissapointment within the fans, and a fair few boo's in the audience as i have a feeling most people will be wanting HHH or cena to take the title.
@valerie37 (996)
• Christiansburg, Virginia
20 Feb 08
I'm hoping it's HHH. He has always been my favorite.
@sion316 (228)
20 Feb 08
Im going to have to go with HHH, he really needs that title back and i think it would be good business for the WWE to have the top face as champion, either that or Cena, Cena would always be a good choice as champion because of his split fanbase.