Two men left their children in the car during the heat of the summer......

@shannon76 (1233)
United States
February 20, 2008 3:10pm CST
One man a professor, upper class. The other a hard working blue collar man. This happened around the same time during the summer (not sure when) and both resulted in death. The professor had his child with him and was suppose to drop the child off at day care. He left early in the morning and was, I guess, very tired. He went straight to work. I think the police had shown up at his work looking for him and to take him away. He had left his child in the car, during the hot, summer day. The blue collar man had taken his child to work with him one day because he was a single father and couldn't afford daycare. What he usually did was leave the child in the car with windows down and air going and then he would go back every half hour or so and check on the child. Well on this particular day, he had gotten so busy with his work, he had only gone once to check on the child and then got caught up with his work. The child died. Both men were charged with several things that I can't remember but only the blue collar man had to serve jail time. The professor was not found guilty. Besides being horrible and sad and unimaginable, what do you all think abou this? I had heard it awhile back and it just made me sick. And also sad because it was a mistake and I honestly believe that neither of those men meant to do that - it is an honest mistake that anyone could make. do you think it was fair that one man got charged and the other didn't? Should they both be charged or no one should because it was a mistake? The story also told that the professor went on to have another child and this time, he attaches a cord to himself and the child that way he never will forget his child in the car again.. smart idea.
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@Myrrdin (3601)
• Canada
21 Feb 08
Ok when I first glanced at this topic I thought it was a serious miscarriage of justice, then I reread and realized that it was not at all. The reasons have nothing to do with one being a proffessor and the other being blue collar, it has to do with the actions and reasonings. The Professor had a one time mistake that cost him his childs life. The blue collar worker repeatedly put his child at risk rather then find programs to help him with child care costs. Leaving a child in the car, open window or not, in the summer for any prolonged period, even half an hour, is risky at best. This child probably repeatedly suffered heat stroke, and I doubt this was the first time the child was in actual danger. Both suffered the worst punishment immaginable, loss of a child, however the blue collar worker put his child at risk knowingly and repeatedly, where as the Professor made a mistake, a grave one, and one that should not be forgiven, but a one time mistake. So I believe that justice is served by sending the blue collar worker to jail, and not the professor.
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@lilaclady (28236)
• Australia
20 Feb 08
I think there is way too much of this going on at the moment, they should just be charged with murder, or maybe there should be a new charge of parent neglect that should have harsh charges on these people...