Would you still be accepting your BF or GF if you found out cheating on you?

@markdan (127)
February 21, 2008 7:28pm CST
Guys, What if you found your Boy Friend or Girl Friend cheating on you? And he/she plead on you to forgive him/her. Would you still accept him/her? Personally as for me it depends on the situation anyways, if she has reasonable reason well thats forgiveness on me but the second time around I think we should break up on that. How bout you?
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23 Feb 08
The day I find out my boyfriend is cheating on me, is the day I tell him to get out of my life. For me, there is no reasonable reason for being unfaithful, because that is a choice someone makes of their own free will, there is nothing or noone else to blame. Also, I could never trust him again, which would make a relationship impossible to sustain.
@wolfie34 (26791)
• United Kingdom
22 Feb 08
There is no hard and fast rules, and there is always the exception and it depends on the circumstances as to what happened! Maybe the guy wasn't paying enough attention to the girlfriend and she wanted to make him jealous? Or she got drunk one night, there are a lot of equations behind this scenario and it's down to the individual of how willing they are to accept that they other half has cheated on them. Personally I have been in this situation but my partner didn't beg me back after I dumped them, but I think looking back if they had of done I wouldn't have forgiven them, sorry but to me if they do it once they can do it again, and once trust is broken it is very very hard if at all possible to regain.