Which type of travel do you prefer?

February 22, 2008 12:06am CST
There're many types of travel.1.solo,you just travel some strange places yourself.2 family travel,go with your husband(wife)also the kids 3 with your friends 4 join a team through a travel angency 5... So what's your favourite type?
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@maximax8 (30648)
• United Kingdom
25 Feb 08
My favorite way to travel is solo. If I do this I have just my airfare to pay. I can go exactly where I like and move at quite a fast place. I can stay in a tree house, a locally owned guest house or a backpacker's hostel. I can see the sights that I want to. I don't like traveling as much with my family. However I do this nowadays. I have a 9 month old baby. Last year we went to Portugal and this year we are going to Latvia. I don't like traveling with my friends very much as they prefer more expensive accommodation than I do. I would hate to join a team through a travel agency. I like to explore independently and at my own pace. Happy traveling.
• China
26 Feb 08
Envy you,the feeling of exploration is wonderful~YEP,I hate team ,too.
@aconites (769)
• United States
22 Feb 08
it depends on the the period of the trip and my mood.. sometimes i just love to be alone listenig to music and look throgh he window into no where and drawn in my thoughts and memorys .. and other times i like to be with my family ,my housbent,talk about stuff and joke around .. what about you wha do you prefer?
• China
22 Feb 08
Kinda similar.I have different answers in different times,too.For me,family travel is often,and I like it.Also,I'll join my friends and go on trips.But in my mind,I always want a solo travel,only me,a totally different place.I think it's cool and I'll get some time to think about past and future.But I haven't got prepared.