Is English your mother tongue ? Do you know or intend to learn Chinese ?

February 22, 2008 1:01am CST
Welcome guys discuss here. I can be first. Chinese is my first language and I learned English for official language when in school , now I am learning Japanese and trying to improve my english here. How about you ? So all native guys, what's your all purpose here ? Just discuss and chat with friends here ? This is really a good website I think
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@goosal (158)
• Indonesia
22 Feb 08
English not my mother language, and indonesian is is my first language. I like learn others language. In mylot, we can learn english is'nt?.
• China
25 Feb 08
well, you are totally right. That's why I login this site , I think we can learn and practise English here.
@kate0250 (315)
• Philippines
22 Feb 08
Hi there!! Yes I would love to learn other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. It's good because if you travel outside your country and you meet new people, youll need it. Welcome^_^
• China
22 Feb 08
you are really a bookish girl , hiahia `~` Well, so many languages you wanna learn , but we get limited energy, then you must give up several ones. Ha, you can learn Chinese , and it's my pleasure to teach you .~~~
• China
29 Feb 08
hi ,i think mylot is a good place to study english ,but the most thing to study english is speaking ,in my school many many of us study english just reading and a little writing but seldom speaking , but if can't speaking ,language is what ? i don't know ...
@julyteen (13258)
• Davao, Philippines
23 Feb 08
Subanen is the language of my grandparents but we live in an island which majority speak Cebuano so I learn two language, but our country have a national language which is the tagalog so i learn three, the official language use in our academic is English so i learn 4 language all in all. i am interested to learn korean and japanese same with chinese...hope i have more time to do it.