How Much Did YOUR Earnings Increase?

United States
February 22, 2008 11:07am CST
Wondering how much everyone made on Mylot since yesterday. Post here with how much your earnings increased when Mylot updated this morning. My increase was 13 cents which I believe is the biggest increase I have had yet.
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• Pakistan
15 Jun 10
I am sorry to say it but I have to say it that I read on a website (NO need to mention its name) that discussing earnings on myLot .com is one of the major reasons why posts and accounts get deleted from myLot. If this is correct and discussing earnings in the forums is against the rules of myLot community then you should not discuss it here because not only your posts will be deleted but your earnings as well as your reputation will be effected badly. So beware
• Bangladesh
21 Oct 08
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• United States
29 Feb 08
That's funny because I posted around 30 discussions and responses and only made about .02 the last two days. It's weird, but eventually I'll figure it out. Thanks fo the interesting topic!
• Estonia
22 Feb 08
I also thought about the possibility of our earning rates having been increased, because I have earned 2$ so far, and the interesting fact about it is that it took 2 months for me to reach the 1st dollar, and only the last two weeks to reach the second one. Before my earnings were increasing by 0.07-0.10 every day, and in the last two days I earned 0.21 and 0.17 respectively, without much posting.