Have you ever felt like a failure?..........................................

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February 22, 2008 5:37pm CST
The worst thing for a mother is to feel as if you failed your children. My oldest son is 17 years of age and is currently waiting to go to Job Corps. The facility he wanted to go to has no beds right now so he has to wait, but in the meantime, he is doing absolutely nothing. He stopped going to school and I told him to remain in school until this thing with Job Corps was finalized but he didn't take heed to what I told him and on top of that, he gets high. It is very disheartening when we try to talk to our children about the mistakes their making but they feel as if they have all the answers. I asked him the other day if he was bored with his life because he isn't doing anything but he just put his head down. His grandmother on his father's side made me feel a little better today because her son (my son's uncle) did the same thing to her and just like my son paints a bad picture of me by telling people that I love my two younger boys more then him, so has her son. She basically reassured me and said for me not to worry too much and that he (my son, as well as hers) made the choice not to go to school. If only my son could read my mind, he would see how he is all over it and how I worry so much for him :(
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22 Feb 08
I think that everyone has felt like that at least one time in their lives..I have felt like it a few times when nothing was going exactly right..but i try not to think about the negatives in life anymore I more less try and think about the positives in life..so I think that if you just tryand think about the positives then you will be ok!