Topics... silly blond girl ¿?

February 22, 2008 5:44pm CST
What do ya think about: blond girls are silly...or something like that?... byee^^
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@acastrod (47)
• Spain
23 Feb 08
I think its because nowadays, is fashion dye your hair blond...... but I don´t think because of that blond girls are prettier than brown girls.. In my oppinion, brown girls are the sexiest.. Anyway, its only a fashion... Is not food for thought ;) regards, little meliant^^ [´Ot@k_U_´]
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23 Feb 08
I personally think all those kinds of sayings are what's silly - blonds are dumb and brunettes are boring, blonds have more fun etc. The way I see it, a person's intelligence or character isn't dependent on the colour of her hair. I also think that blond hair doesn't automatically make someone attractive, nor does having red hair make someone unattractive. I think there is beauty and intelligence in everyone, and it's other factors that help or hinder us.
@youless (99525)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Feb 08
I don't think blond girls are silly or stupid. I think it's only a prejudice. I don't know why people will think so. Perhaps this is because blond girls mean pretty girls and therefore they ignore their minds.