do you ever love with anyperson so seriousliy?

@Dasari100 (3793)
Anantapur, India
February 22, 2008 6:24pm CST
Hai friends , Do love any person entire life sensiorily, do you have any experience on this topic. i think everyone has own experience in their life. i have great experience in my life, I personaliy felt whats it love and I can't explain by words and we also we can't count our fellings its true. I loved one girl so seriousliy we used to chat and we used to see each other but unfortunteily some incedents happend in life she was not accepting me as lover but anyhow love is great for everhumanbeings i got great fell when i see her. dreams and what ever you do it gives great confideance but we should agree eithre failure or sucess , we should take as experience we should not hurt ourself. Do you have any experience with your partner?
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@chiyosan (30190)
• Philippines
26 Sep 11
I THINK I DID. =( but then i think he messed it up and i am not so sure, really what to make of things anymore. Its love, i know it is and i know that i was in love with the person because i was really hurt when all these things happened between us. i felt, or i thought we were supposed to be together.. made for each other but then... maybe not. =(
@manya_pearl (1903)
• Singapore
23 Feb 08
No, i never love any person so seriously. When i have relationship, i just take everything slowly, and i never aggressive with it. Guy also is unpredictable, so i will not serious with a person, because all i know, guy will change, and i don't want to be hurt! Lets time goes by, and you will know the deep of person!!! Dont be hurry, and you will regret early!!!
@diillu (5121)
23 Feb 08
Yes, I think it happens once in a lifetime. I also have similar kind of experience. During my high school I was so crazy about this guy and just felt like his single glance can change my entire world. I started liking him for grade 10 and liked him till my high school was over. I kept on loving him for almost 3 years and all those years I was really crazy about that guy. I really really loved him. But now it's all over. I just feel so silly over being so crazy about that guy.