The price of food is increasing , we feel upset and tired !

February 22, 2008 7:32pm CST
All kind of food price is increasing , we feel upet and helpless , because , on the one hand , we cannot change about it , on the other hand , our wages didn't increase at all , so , we have to struggle for life ! And we cannot be seak , illness is a luxure thing for most of us , the midicine is very expensive , i cannot get breath nearly ! 55555555555555 !
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@plumwish07 (4059)
• Indonesia
9 Mar 08
well, the same things also happened in here y dear friend. every single basic food getting raising and raising per daily in fact in a day there is no certain price of food in market. my government said its all about the increasing of world oil. is it so? the sad thing my country is one of exporter oil country then how coul it gonna happened? as logically, when the oil pricing getting higher, my country should have high revenue in selling oil to the world and able to keep th price level of food in normal or stabile then why it can't?
@musicman6 (2391)
• United States
23 Feb 08
You're right, over here the same thing is happening, food prices, and fuel prices are steadily increasing, and wages are very slow if any at all! The economy is looking very dim, and something is going to have to happen, and I can only suspect the worst!
@youless (99515)
• Guangzhou, China
23 Feb 08
Here is the same. Everything's price keeps increasing, but our salary is the same. Especially the pork's price has an obvious increase. Besides the food, the health care and education cost is higher and higher.
@ltmoon (1008)
• United States
23 Feb 08
Most of us feel this way.
@kellys3ps (3726)
• United States
23 Feb 08
I totally agree with you. Every time I go to the store it seems I spend more and more on less and less! It is difficult to make ends meet, and then the prices rise again! I wish wages would increase to go along with it!