LG's Laptop Battery Melts

laptop battery explodes - laptop battery exploding
South Korea
February 22, 2008 8:53pm CST
A laptop computer produced by a major Korean computer manufacturer was damaged Thursday due to an overheated battery.According to LG Electronics,a graduate student at Hanyang University in Seoul reported Friday that his laptop computer s rechargeable battery had melted.Then company immediately sent a representative to change the faulty part,LG Electronics said.The troubled computer hit the Korean market first in January last year and has been sold only on the domestic market only.LG announced that it was withdrawing the faulty computer model from Friday.but experts said the measure-without detailed preventive action-was no more that a makeshift tactic.This is the second incident involving an overheating battery.On Jan. 8, an LG laptop computer being used by a reporter suddenly exploded and burst into flames.Following the explosion,LG electronics,the PC body maker,and LG Chem, the battery manufacturer,teamed up with the Korea Electro-technology Research Institute KERI to find the exact cause of the explosion but failed.And promised to investigate more on the incident happened.
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• Indonesia
24 Feb 08
I remember something like this happening to notebook PCs equipped with SONY batteries some time ago. http://www.businessweek.com/technology/content/sep2006/tc20060929_795562.htm. Li-Ion batteries that you find in modern notebook PCs and mobile phones explode when overcharged. That's why every Li-Ion battery sold have internal circuitry to cut off charge when the battery is full. Faulty/failing circuitry might cause said notebook/mobile phone to burst in flames when charged. Another possibility would be faulty batteries that induce short circuit inside the battery pack. To learn more about batteries, visit http://www.batteryuniversity.com.