Outsourcing-The growing American concern

Outsourcing-The growing American concern - Outsourcing-The growing American concern. Is it really worth risky???
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February 23, 2008 2:01pm CST
Despite the benefits of time and money savings that outsourcing supposedly provides,the outsourcing debate continues on. Oflate,perhaps the most worrisome factor regarding outsourcing is security risk,which is creating a great deal of fear and doubt among many firms when signing such contracts. For all the time and money outsourcing supposedly saves,it is still creating a lot of doubt and worry among outsourcing watch dogs. Security seems to be the culprit scaring many firms into signing more conservative outsourcing contracts. A critical idea of consideration for any organisation looking for an outsourcing partner is the level of security that the partner can provide for its data, This consideratin should not be the lost sight of in the search for the service level and cost effectiveness of the venture.It is important to clearly define the security objectives in the agreement and provide for the enforcement of provisions for any breach of security. As a result of growing concerns over security at foreign call centers,US companies that engage in so-called business process outsourcing, or BPO ,continue to wrestle wit the ultimate question about shipping servicesw overseas. Based on the above concern expressed do you think Outsourcing is worth risky???? Sadanand.
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