Who here subscribes to WWE magazine?

@Marcola (2774)
United States
February 23, 2008 6:11pm CST
I quit my subscription a few years back. Is there anything good to read in it these days? I was watching Smackdown last night, and I could've sworn that Michael Cole said that Jimmy Wang Yang said in the latest issue of WWE magazine, Yang won a Spice Girls masquerading contest in high school or something to that effect. I immediately thought "Oh my God. Good way to get new subscribers." *sarcasm*
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27 Feb 08
I dont subscribe to WWE Magazine, dont like to subscribe to anything. I just go to a shop that sells them and hope they have it in. I have been collecting them since about May 2007 which featured WWE'S Top Championships - WWE Championship (John Cena on left), World Heavyweight Champipon (Undertaker in middle) and ECW Champion (Bobby Lashley on the right). Good Mag and started me off also, had a gr8 poster.
@elmiko (6635)
• United States
24 Feb 08
I subscribed to WWE magazine around 10 years ago and got lots of old issues still. From bret hart at his best 95-97,to shawn and the first appearances of dx, and the attitude years of steve austin. I probably canceled my subscription around 2000. For me now the wwe magazine seems useless with all the internet sources. Wrestling web sites seem to have better information than the magazine back then. Examples are wrestlezone.com.