Kane finally pins The Great Doofus...I mean, Khali!

@Marcola (2774)
United States
February 23, 2008 6:23pm CST
On Smackdown last night, for those who missed it, Khali had the Vice Grip on Kane and Kane fell backwards while Khali kept the hold on while using a body-scissors. He didn't have his shoulders on the mat, but Kane should never have to job to Khali. Still,I'm happy, but I miss the no-sell, monster Kane of 10 years ago. (Can you believe it's been that long?) Really, if Hornswoggle can get the better of Khali, Kane should totally dominate the big lug. The way Khali should be booked is as a complete idiot who doesn't understand how to win matches and jobs to the whole roster.
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@sion316 (228)
25 Feb 08
I think kane needs to be put on ECW. That way he can finally get his hands on a decent title. maybe it could be him vs chavo at mania that would be a decent match. or place him in MITB
@Marcola (2774)
• United States
1 May 08
Wow...you predicted that very well because he's now ECW champion.
@haryana (112)
• India
6 Mar 08
khali has the demon power and no wrestlercan stand in front of him execpt few kane,batista etc.but khali was totaly dominating over himm..its just a showing off it is preplanned i think.
27 Feb 08
I think he has been messed right up by the creative team. I think it would take a lot for ghim mabye a year or so for him to even get a World Title around his waist. Anyway, yeah he os underrated and I also heared he wanted to put over younger guys. But think about it, people like HHH have had a lot more success and just because HHH part of the McMahon family he gets far more than Kane, Hell even getting a 11th world title (short) and another match at WM. Yeah Id ;like to see Kane take the US Title from MVp finally, and get some of them behiond him, and add to his accopmlishments, and make him for Hall of Fame style, although he is still good enough to go into it. I reckon as he has worked a lot with Undertaker (Mark Calaway) I think Undertaker should give the supposrt by telling the creative team and vince, to sort them selves out and do something better with Kane even if, it doesnt involve his mask, as Undertaker has respect and will be probably able to help get some gold around Kane.... Undertaker has influence although people like HHH have a little more for obvious reasons.
@redfang (969)
24 Feb 08
ever since they fetched khali into the wwe i have viewed him with great distain, i can't stand the guy, he has no wrestling talent, he speaks in jibberish, he's just overall rubbish and has no place in the wwe. When khali first came in they painted him out as some unstopable machine that no body could touch but then of course the undertaker made short work of him to start with, cena F.U'd him so why don't he take a hint and take a hike. I agree with you about Kane over the 10 years he has changed dramatically, he's more of an angry puppy now than the raging monster he once was though i think it mainly fell when he was unmasked. It was good to see kane get one up on khali but i think kane could have been a little bit more agressive and taken it to khali with a little more umph lol.