Im afraid

February 24, 2008 4:10am CST
his getting a divorce, his wife is bipolar... and im half way across the globe...he told me he loves me and i understand when he told me he has to fix his problems first and i have to finish my Masteral... I love him... i really do.... but at times im asking... is love enough to make this work when every month that passes makes it more and more difficult for us... and now... im scared that after all this he will grow tired fighting for us and just leave...
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• United States
21 Apr 08
relationship. It is not a impossible relationship but a hard one to maintain. You didn't mention how long you two have known each other. I would be asking him how long does he expect you to wait while he fixes his problems. Then he mentions he wants you to finish your masters before the relationship can go further. I noticed from your profile you are only 25. There is so much more for you than the situation you are in. Step back and take a good hard look at this relationship. Is this what you want out of life. To be always waiting for him. He really hasn't given you anything definite. I would be finding another man that appreciates you and will love you totally. All the way. It sounds to me that your boyfriend is just stringing you along. But that is just my opinion.