Do your have a pet?which animal ? why ?

@wseayuan (374)
February 24, 2008 4:21am CST
I have a pet its name is lele ,it is a beautiful dog,i and my family all like it and we are good i have to leave "lele' to study in other city,i feel sad .i hope it is healthy.
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@nanayangel (7882)
• Philippines
24 Feb 08
Hi there! We have a pet too. We have five birds, I don't really know what kind of birds they are. The two of them, we bought from a pet shop in Kalibo and they had eggs where the other two came from. We also have a hen which was given to us by my the mother of my son's classmate, who is also my friend. It will soon lay eggs also and I hope that we can have more hens.
@wseayuan (374)
• China
25 Feb 08
Five birds!you have five birds,you must very happy,you have five more are so lucky.
@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
24 Feb 08
My son has two ginnypigs, but he do not take care of them as he should. So I consider them being mine now. If you can not take care of pets you should not have them is my opinion. But in a month We are going to move and I will not take them with us. So I am trying to sell them or give them away. It is not nice to have animals if you do not have the proper time to care for them.
@ESKARENA1 (18296)
24 Feb 08
Nero and my kids in the hills above the village i  - The beauty of having pets like Nero is that he loves family outings. Here we had gone in to the hills in the village where we live, Nero loved it. Guinness, my cat however was waiting at home in ambush and was to smack nero round the nose much to his chargrin and dismay
blessed be
I have both a dog and a cat, my dog is called Nero and my cat is called Guinness. The geton most of the times but will still chase each other for fun.