Do you believe in miracle?

February 24, 2008 7:36am CST
In this small remote village little is expected to happen and life goes on without a buzz. However, all these are changing and now an average of 200 - 300 people from all walks of life visit this village. This happened after a few villagers claimed they saw the sighted of a cross on the palms of a coconut tree and also the image of Holy family - Joseph, Mary and the Noah. Until today the sighting is still visible and some pilgrims took the shot by using handphone's cameras and digital cameras. I live in a muslim country and now some claimed that some visitors that pay homage to the village were muslim and some even wanted to convert however in my country it is not easy to convert as you like. For your information, not all the villagers in that village are Christians and the non-christian also claimed they saw the image. I used to hear about Jesus and Mary apparition but this is the first apparition in my country that I know. For me, yes I do believe in miracle and I really hope to see Jesus and Mary in person.
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• Australia
24 Feb 08
I am a Catholic !! YES , I do believe in miracles. This is one of the ways for people to be elevated to Sainthood. What you narrate is very interesting. Unfortunately you do not mention the exact location you speak of. You should deem it to be a great priviledge that these things are occuring in your location. Please let us know more about the exact details of such happenings. Thank you, Camilleri.
• Malaysia
24 Feb 08
I'm a Catholic too. Big headline in our local paper, " "Divine" images sighted at village". The place is in village of Semalatong, Simunjan, Sarawak here in Malaysia. God bless you. Where are you from Camilleri?
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• Australia
24 Feb 08
I was born in MALTA. Now I live in Sydney, Australia. Bye for now.
@ClarusVisum (2163)
• United States
25 Feb 08
No, especially not silly pareidolia. The small village has been flooded with people because those people are extremely gullible. Nothing more.