Make Little Money, Make Big Money

February 24, 2008 10:02am CST
How I make money working at home. How I make money working on the internet. How I make money with little or no money. How I make $1.00 to $1,000 per day, at home, on the internet. Just found this site while I was doing my "internet dumpster diving". This is my first post and hope it will help those in search of how to make a little pocket change, make some exta cash, or even make a full fime living, via the internet. I started my internet income doing the reverse of most people. I started making money on the internet, as my full time income. Then I started to make some extra money on the internet for my granddaughter. I am a grandfathe with a beautiful grand daughter named "Grace". She is 5 years old and she is my princess. I live, breath and think about her every day. She makes my day, everyday when I hear her voice. I dedicate, "HOW TO MAKE A LITTLE POCKET CHANGE ON THE INTERNET" just for her. Every cent goes into her piggy bank. Every bit of extra cash goes into her college fund. The beautiful part about the internet is that when I pass away, all Grace has to do is use my passwords to all the programs that make money now and just maintain them with little or no effort. For continued income from the internet. Because I am doing all the ground work for her now. When I worked at a job, I was making my boss money. Thats what I was paid for. Now I work for myself and make money for myself. TO MAKE LITTLE OR SMALL POCKET MONEY: .01 TO $1.00 TO $10.00 PER DAY Here is how I make little pocket change for Grace everyday. I also have tought her how to do it as well, so she can start earning money at 5 years old. If a child 5 yeaars old cnd make a few cents a day, surely an aduld can make a few dollars a day. All she has to do is turn on the computer, which she does about 10 timens a day. She has to turn the computer on to access her princess related games and dvd movies. I have set up her computer's home page to start on the money making page. Second step, she is taught which is now a habit, to click on a cettain part of the page. Third, she clicks on her game or dvd movie that she want to play. Fourth, when she want to quit or exit her session on the computer, she is taught to repeat what she did to turn on the computer. By clicking on the money making part of the web page. By doing this a 5 year old or an adult can make some extra pocket change. Here is how Grace will make money from the internet. 1)Grace, hersel earns internet money. 2)Me, Grandpa, does the same thing as Grace to make her internt money. 3)Her Mom, Does the same thing to make Grace money from the internet. 4)Her Dad, who sometimes forget, but will do it anyways to help Grace make money from the internet. TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY: $1.00 to $10.00 and Up Again this money from the internet goes to Grace, which goes into her gollage fund. I do this part, I make $1.00 and up per day for Grace. Once set up the money comes with little or no effort. Some of the money comes automatic 24/7, even when Grace is asleep. For this way of making money I have to invest my time to do it the free way or I can invest in a web site which cost me about $20 per month that I can edit as I wish. I have no special computer skills, just type, copy and paste. 1)I earn money by promoting links to other webpages that pays me a commission or those that will earn you money when somebody joins via my link, just like this site "MyLot". 2)I earn money on my web site by buying and selling physical and virtual items. A lot of thins I can get for free. Which I refer to a internet dumpster diving. I get physical materials for free , I assemble or make something saleable. At the present one of my physical items makes me $200 to $300 per sale. My last vertual item made me $5,000. Every body has a hobby or profession that they can use to make or create something and offer it for sale, via your web site, let it be physical or virtual, via a web site. This money making website is very easy to maintain with no special computer knowledge. I make extra money for Grace by working at home doing what I love, in my spare time. On average I make between $50 to $500 per month (I can show proof if needed). The $5,000 vertual sale was a one time happening, which I hope there will be more to come. MAKE A FULL TIME INCOME VIA THE INTERNET BY MAKE MONEY WORK AT HOME: $100 TO $1000 PLUS PER DAY. 1)this the searious part and requires a bit of capital. My money into this is about $10,000 2)First I buy a safe investment such as a money market bond or fund that pay an interest. Or I can simply lock in my money in a term deposit, which earns me interest money. 3)Open a stock trading account wtih what ever the minimum requirement is. If the minimum required, is overa $1,000 withdraw what ever is over and put it back into your saving or chqueing account. I live in Canada, so my account is with the TDCanadaTrust and TDWaterehouse WebBroker accounts. 4)With my $10,000 locked into a term deposit or fund. I get a "SECURED LINE OF CREDIT" with interest at "Prime" only if I use the money. If I don't, no interest charge for having a linge of credit. But it is available to me 24/7 whenever I need it. 5)Set up your banking and trading accounts to be accessable online. 6)With money in my line of credit available to me, I will now search for something to buy. If I can buy and sell something withing the day, make a profit and then put the money back into your line of credit, I will not be charged any interest. This is how I make money with no money, because the money I used is the banks and if I do not get charged an interest, this is truly making money with no money. On the flip side of things, my money sitting in the term depossit is earning me interest every day. 7)I am making money with no money everyday, because i am using the banks money, not mine. My money is earning interest in my locked term deposit. I can use the banks money to flip or buy and sell the following: Jewellry, Autos, expensive pet, foreign Excange, Gold Coins, Gold Bullion, Stocks Options, etc.etc. 8)Every day I buy and sell on the internet via my computer work at home. I will transfer from my line of credit and put it into my trading account in the morning. Then I try to return it into my line of credit by the end of the day with no interest charge. Some days I get stuck and can not liquidate what I bought and will get charged interest on my line of credit. But even If I get charged interest, I don't mind because with the banks money, I make a nice profit at the end. Recently, I made $500 by buying US$ and then selling it to buy Canadian dollars. Another example: I made $200 in one day when I bought 10 x 1 ounce gold bullion. I buy and sell stocks within the day and make between $100 to $1,000 per day. I do all of the above with the banks money. This is how I make money with no money! (I have proof for all the above). IN SUMMERY: 1)something for nothing, does not exist, but I get pretty close. 2)Something for nothing, may materialize if you lhave the time and effort to learn. 3)Something for nothing, as I see it, can be accomplished. If you follow a plan or copy from somebody that is already foing it. 4)90% of the money making, get rich quick programs are just ging to take away your money. You will join, You will quit. You will contiue your search for money making ventures and it will just be another vicious circle. If you have read up to here, I wish you the best of luck in finding your way of making money on the internet and work at home. IN CLOSING: I make more money now, work at home, make money online, make money on the internet, than I ever did when I was working at a 9 to 5 job. I do all this for my little princess "Grace" my 5 year old granddaughter, who I love and cherish very dearly. For all the grandpas and grandmas reading this, you know what the feeling is. If you want to set up something like what I did for my Grace, I will be glad to guide you. If any body needs help to make some extra money or start a full time income by working at home, make money from a computer, just join this discussion or contact me and I will try my best to guide you by telling you my success and failures to get to where I am now. As the old saying goes,"MONEY CAN NOT BUY HAPPINESS", but it sure helps if you have excess money.
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