the return of the show

United States
February 24, 2008 10:49am CST
how many people are glad that dog is coming back who thinks he should be trashed do u look at him in a different way now or do u accept him as the same guy he was when be4 all of this junk started circulating about him will u go back and watch his show when it comes back do u think a n e did the right thing deserting him when all of this happened. now they are taking him back i think they are 2 faced and only out to make a buck who heard that tim got caught with his pants down in a parking lot in his truck. does the drama with that family ever stop i think the race is on with him coming up 2nd in the race for tabloid drama. so people what are your views
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@carolscash (9500)
• United States
24 Feb 08
I like Dog and family and I think that the tabloids are a big probelm with him and a lot of other celebrities. I feel that his conversation with his son should never have been made public because what we say in our own homes should be private and never shared with others. I am sure we have all said things that I am sure we would not want to be made public. As far as Tim is concerned, I figure that it was all a mistake. I read that he was simply changing clothes due to spillling something on him. I think that the media is making a big deal over something that was taken out of context.
• United States
25 Feb 08
I agree with you. Watching Dog you never heard him utter that word not once. Which leads one to believe that he doesn't use that word on a day to day basis. It was something said to his son in what he thought was a private conversation. He may cuss on his show and call the fugitives other not so nice names but that word isn't said!
• United States
18 Mar 08
I think this is so right on the tabloids are scum in my book. I have not liked them sence what had happend to PD. I feel for celebrities that have to go thur this mangified glass of life. It is unfair and unreasonable for them. They are people too. It does not change how I feel about dog and crew, that was not him in his right mind there was other things going on that we were not told of and what led to the phone call. I hope they come back and for A&E to cut them off and then bring them back they had to do something at the time in order for them to comeback to A&E.
• Canada
27 Aug 08
This is my number ONE favourite TV show. I look forward to watching Dog and the gang every Weds. night and have always supported him. No one is perfect and just because Dog is a TV star doesn't make him a do no wrong idol. It's entertainment.
• Canada
27 Feb 08
i'm soooooooooooooo glad its coming back. theres only a few shows i like to watch since it seems like every show i get to really like just goes pooffffffff. i just wish they would give us a date to when it will restart. even if its not an exact date, even if all they can give us if a month and either first half or last half of the month then we would know when to start looking for it.