false people

United States
February 24, 2008 1:35pm CST
We just has a tragic accident in my state, near my old stomping grounds down in southwestern Minnesota on Tuesday, Feb 19. A non-resident, non-legal person ran a stop sign, crashed into a school bus and caused the death of 4 young children, two from the same family. This person gave a false name, had no drivers liscense, had a vehicle (a red van) that had plates for a four door sedan that were expired. A couple of questions I have is why, when this person was stopped in 2006, did they not find out then she was here illegly? Also, why didn't any law enforcement notice the expired plates? I have no problem with anyone coming to this country LEGALLY to get jobs. I do have a problem with those sneaking into our country, then having the audacity to get on our welfare system. That's my tax money they are abusing. Anyone who is not a US citizen does not deserve any help from our welfare system, especially, even when they are here on green cards, they don't pay taxes, so have no right to any help! This person faces up to 10 years per person she killed and $20K per person when she is convicted and then after serving those 40 years she will be deported. She is 23! I hope she rots in jail for what she did. She knew she wasn't suppose to drive and to use someone else's idenity besides. I hope the real person she stole her name from comes forward.
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