Bending over backwards and touching my toes.

@aminion (130)
February 24, 2008 5:07pm CST
Have you ever wondered when is it my turn? You spend soo much time helping others that you loose yourself in the process? I have been helping a family of a child in my daughters class. I have done fund raisers, made christmas for there son because they couldn't afford it. Got them food ect... they say they are our friends. I had taken my daughter out of her childcare to give the lady extra money, now she goes and gets herself a job. I am left without child care because there are no spots open for my child where she use to go. I understand her getting a job that is not my problem. The problem I am having is I had to leave my job to stay home with my child and can't afford my rent now. I have leant them money countless times. They are doing very well now with only having to pay $200 rent and two incomes. But now they can't even help me out for a week with a loan until my husband gets paid. They are soo busy spending there money on new computers, phones, cab rides to help me out. Am I being bitter for no reason? What do you think? Do you have any uplifting stories to restore my faith in mankind?
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@kellys3ps (3726)
• United States
24 Feb 08
That is terrible that they are being like this. You might want to remind them of all that you have done to help them out. Did she at least give you notice when she found a new job so you could find someone to watch your daughter. Perhaps you could watch their son now for pay?
@aminion (130)
• Canada
24 Feb 08
She told me on a Tuesday night that she couldn't do it anymore starting on the Thursday. I have been helping them out with there son but they only pay me $10/day. This I wouldn't mind but the fact that they take advantage of this. Like telling me they have to work then to find out that they aren't actually working. He stayed here Friday, Friday night and all day Saturday. I only got $20 for it. I watch little kids all week so I am finding I am not getting a break from other peoples kids. My kids need time for there mom. But of course I am trying to help everyone else out and leaving my needs unattended.