What was it that brought you to Christ? Some people don't see blinding lights...

February 25, 2008 5:17am CST
I'd like to know from all Christians out there what it was that made them turn to Christ and become Christians. For some people it's a blinding light, a dream or a vision. For others, it's a life event, a coming to the end of the road, a realisation that they can't do anything without God's strength. For me, it was a growing realisation that my life felt very very empty. All the things that I thought would bring me happiness, didn't (because things can't bring you happiness); I felt a void in my life, and although I'd been brought up a Christian I didn't know Jesus. It was this void that led me to start exploring who Jesus was. My journey started with more prayer, learning how to talk to the Lord. In this process I also discovered the amazing evangelist Joyce Meyer - who tells it like it is and helps you to live the Christian life in this worldly world. Through this journey my faith has grown. Life hasn't been easy, terrible trials have come my way, but I have clung to the Lord with all my might, and somehow he carries me through. I'm so glad I started out on this path of discovery; since then my husband has changed his ways and has also given his life to God.
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@barehugs (8984)
• Canada
26 Feb 08
I'm a senior male 74 and I was born a Christian. I went to church twice a week, sang in the choir and taught Sunday school. One day when I was 23, married with a child, and working on my Sunday-school lesson, I realised I didn't believe a word I was about to teach. I never went back to Church, The Pastor came to my home and called me a Heretic, but I never went back. I began to study Spirituality and took up Yoga and Meditation. I learned how to live life to the Fullest. I haven't had a medical checkup for 35 years, I'm still working every day in the summer(because I love my work), and I'm having the time of my Life. Life has been Great without an Evangelist. I've been able to run my own life without the Pastor, God Bless Him!
@Wario_1 (968)
• Sweden
25 Feb 08
I was very much a modern Saul, not so much a pharisee but extremely pro-evolution, big bang and that stuff. I found a really good friend when i joined upper secondary school, and one day i wanted to spend some time with him. I went to his place but he wanst at home, but at a summerplace the the Pentecostal church in my town owned(inheriting it from a decieced person). I walk out to that place, majbe rougly five kilomiters and found him there along with lots of other people. I joined them and had a great time their, then they had some meeting out their and after that i had alot of questions about God and stuff related to it. I asked alot of questions not because i wanted to prove him wrong, but because i had gotten very curious and i really wanted to know if it was really true. After that i started to search in the bible after God and God found me instead of the opposite. A short time after that i went along with the church on a 2day camp, and it was really fun. On that camp i accepted Christ into my life, i think i was around 16 when it happened.