I helped a friend, I think.

@chrislotz (8203)
February 25, 2008 9:04am CST
I belong to another forum and a lot of my friends there are also friends of mine here. It is kind of neat to be able to chat with them in both this forum and that one. In that one we can chat about money making ideas and sites where as here we can't mention or post our links. So my point I am trying to make is this, One of my friends said she can't get into mylot to post anything. She can logg in but can't post or even send the admin here in mylot a contact email. Every time she tries she gets a message that mylot is busy at this time, please try again later. After posting a thread about this, many other people said they couldn't post in mylot either. So since I still could I was asked to send mylot a contact email from my account and ask them why and what the problem was. I sent mylot the name of the friend that asked me to do this and so now she is awaiting a response from mylot. I hope she gets one soon so she can find out what is wrong and it can be fixed. She misses mylot a lot and wants to be able to post here. As soon as I hear from her that she got the problem fixed, and hopefully all the others that are having the same problem, I will respond back and let you know the outcome. But meanwhile, has this ever happened to anyone else here? Or have you helped a friend that you are friends with on another site?
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