What's the most resourceful thing you've ever done...

February 25, 2008 9:48am CST
1. Once my friend broke her Community Health Nursing Bag, well the plastic chain that holds the strap broke, and she asked for my help because she was gonna carry that for the whole day. What I did was, I opened the bag, took out the micro-pore (medical masking tape) and made a chain out of it. I did that when we were in 2nd year. Now that we're graduating, it's still there... 2. Another was the time we had a report in the Delivery room, I forgot to make my visuals. All I had was a marker, a 3-colored pen, a couple of typing paper with no writing at the back and newspaper from the day before. Anyways I made the news paper as my background, wrote my report on the paper with the marker, designed it with the colored pen. I got through my report, plus I recycled. Afterwards my classmates did the same style on their report, but they did theirs at home.
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8 May 08
I once built a handicap ramp for this little ole lady that lived by herself and could not afford to have it done so i built it for free and bought the materials for her as well. Now that i have bragged on it, I feel like i did it in vain and not for charity. I am not looking for gratitude from anyone i get that every time i would see her using it and being able to go outside again.