"Greg Iles is Never Boring.. but is Average in "Turning Angel"

United States
February 25, 2008 9:51am CST
Pros: Flashes of brilliance were found.. but stuck in the middle of sluggish stuff.. Cons: Many things were unbelievable or uninspired.. What I Thunk: Greg Iles is usually a solid writer, that falters in his novel "Turning Angel". This book is a murder mystery about a fiction writer who seeks to help his childhood, doctor friend, who is being accused of murder. The story is based in Iles' home town Natchez, Mississippi. Compared to much of Iles' previous work, this falls short of the usual tenaciously great effort. This novel is entertaining and amusing but it lacks depth and vitality. "Turning Angel" is filled with sexuality involving teens, so some might not enjoy the explicit way in which high school sexuality is displayed. Yet, curiously, that is an interesting portion, showing how different this current generation is, from previous ones. But still.. it's delivery is lacking in its potency. There are portions that make you think.. "Hey that was purty cool.." but it is difficult to enjoy those moments, when there are just as many parts that deliver the opposite. If you are looking for a spectacular novel from Greg Iles.. look to "Black Cross" and "The Footprints of God", because this one is average stuff. Have you read Greg Iles' Turning Angel, and did you like it?
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