Do you post sites on your profile?

@bikespot (484)
February 25, 2008 6:06pm CST
Do you post your site or other programs your apart of on your profile at mylot? I just posted my site. If so have you got any referrals?
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@julyteen (13256)
• Davao, Philippines
26 Feb 08
yes i posted one but don't have yet referrals under me came from mylot...hope it will helps to find referrals...did you find someone sing-up under you and said that he/she saw it on mylot...? lol sometimes we are busy reading discussions and comments our attentions are not on the site posted on your profile...
@MGjhaud (21945)
• Philippines
26 Feb 08
I posted my first public blog here in my mylot profile and it wasn't a program that needs referrals but I have posts that contains programs that enable referrals. I have few friends who sign under my referral and so grateful to that. how about you?
@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
26 Feb 08
well i know many people don't like seeing banners and all but for me, i do post some that i like. also, i don't think many will actually go to my profile and look though i can't say for them. as for referrals, i have to admit that most of my referrals are actually mylotters. i just tend to talk about sites that are tested by me and working for me so far and i guess when i talk about them, people tend to check it out and if they like it, they actually join it. so i have mylotters as my referrals truth be told. if it was not for this great place, i wouldn't have any at all. but of course, it also helps that the sites have worked for me so far. i just hope that the sites don't bring me down and let me and my friends down hehe
@Liasonfan (1702)
• Canada
26 Feb 08
Well, I put my site on my program and also my screencap site as I had been asked a few times where I got my pictures from. So, I didn't stop there, I also put a link to my online store there. I figure if people are interested, they are welcome to look, if not that's fine too! Thanks for asking.
• United States
26 Feb 08
I have one there and it's for a shopping site for working at home moms. I don't put that stuff on my profile as the norm. It's not what I like to see when going to others profiles. So i stay clear of doing that to my profile. When I go to profiles it's the first reason I hit the back button. Too much is not a good thing. Less is best.
@jhl930 (3603)
• United States
26 Feb 08
No I don't post all of that stuff on my profile because honestly I don't figure that alot of people will go and look at them and if they do they probably won't sign up under me...and I really don't know how to put it on my profile for another reason..I think that it would be alot more trouble than it would be worth because it is hard to get referrals!