step up 2

February 25, 2008 8:18pm CST
Has anyone seen Step Up 2? I heard its good in the music sence but overall the movie is sort of repetative. Im really interested in watching it for myself but Im curious what others think. And I never really understood why it was Step Up 2.. but it's because the female role in the movie who is plated is related to the guy in the other one somehow. If anyone knows feel free to share. Thanks.
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• Philippines
26 Feb 08
i haven't watched it yet but im definitly NOT gonna watch it on the big screen. i dont like the new cast line-up. i dont like that this one will ride on its original's fame. not liking it one bit. sorry.
• Canada
3 Mar 08
I haven't watched it yet either. And yes, I also heard that the new cast line up wasn'tgreat. It is totally riding from the original movie, that is what I thought. Thank God Ididn't go watch it, I heard alot of bad things about. When it comes out on dvd (which will probably be soon) Ill check it out!